Hold It

Self Storage





5201 West Erie Ave.

Lorain  Ohio  44053

Phone: 440-960-1890

Email: office@holditstorage.com






For your convenience, we offer

 monthly personal mailbox rentals.  

Small:  4" x 5"  -  $5 per mo.

Medium:  5" x 8"  -  $7 per mo.

Large:  10"  x  12"  -  $10  per mo.


A $2 key deposit is required at time of

sign up and will be returned when you

terminate your mailbox rental.



Wouldn't it be nice to have a single, reliable 

address for all your mail and packages?


An address that offers privacy and security

with a full-time professional to sign for 

registered mail and deliveries ... ?


Whether you're a single individual or small business, first and

foremost, you and your mail will always be secure.  You are the

only one with a key to your box, located safely inside our location.

And, unlike some other services, you can receive deliveries from

the U.S. Post Office, UPS, FedEx, overnight deliveries, CODs and 

registered mail.